The first IT Security helpline in the Middle East, 800-CYBER, offers round-the-clock Managed Information Security Services and Consultation to remediate cyber-attacks on client systems in real-time. Our Security Operations Center (SOC), houses a team of experienced and qualified security experts and analysts who work with our clients to counter Cyber threats. Our team is available 24 hours a day on a phone call to 800 CYBER.

For our registered clients, we provide real-time support with competitive SLAs to mitigate risks at best possible timelines. In the event of an incident, our registered customers can dial 800-CYBER and after authentication can give details of the security incident that they are currently experiencing. This will immediately start an incident response process from our Security team. This incident would be logged by our support team and categorized on the basis of criticality of the incident. The low and medium criticality events would be forwarded to our Level 2 security professionals who would immediately act on remediating the incident based on the outlined SLA.

For the High and Critical incidents, we have Level 3 experts who will engage and provide solutions for the security challenges. All the data for Incident data like reporting time, identified issue, assigned support engineer, SLA, SLA adherence, identified solutions, remediation steps and closure of the incident is handled in accordance with ITIL guidelines.

Our non-registered customers can get consultation services to handle the attacks they are facing by calling on 800CYBER or sending us an email through Contact Us page.