We offer On-Demand analysis of your internet facing gateways such as network nodes, websites, and applications for potential vulnerabilities that can result from poor or improper coding, software flaws, and weaknesses. Security posture needs to be examined on a regular basis to account for the evolution of new Internet threats. Business initiatives today require organizations to grant partners, suppliers, B2B exchanges, customers and others, trusted connections into their networks. The entire structure is only as strong as its weakest link. Any poorly secured system left unchecked, poses dangerous security risks for the complete environment.

We offer services for:

SecureLink offers 24/7 Information Security Management Services to complement the efforts of our clients through a first of its kind offering in the region. 800 CYBER is a 24/7 hotline to our Security Operations Center from where our experts offer various professional services for our clients. With Managed Services from SecureLink, Security is an integrated solution in the clients’ business environment. We meet your need for a quick, dependable Information Security partner to provide you best of breed Information Security solutions at more efficient costs than Onsite solutions. Clients utilizing our Managed Security Services get:

Valuable time is often wasted on the wrong activities and important evidence might be lost when the first intrusion or breach is discovered. Our Security Investigators and Security Analysts are available with a phone call to provide first level Forensic Support and Incidence Response – 24 hours a day. Through the 800CYBER service, we offer Information Security Incident Response and our experts are available on short notice to assist the victim of a breach. The focus of our service is to provide critical guidance and support during the initial period of discovering a security incident. The objectives of the service are to minimize damage, collect available information on what has occurred and to support the restore of systems to their normal secure state.